Fighting to stop knife crime in Redbridge.

Educating Parents

We engage, explain and encourage the parents on how to keep their families safer, highlighting the awareness and sensitising on the danger of kitchen knives and devastation of the crime.

Educating Schools

We visit schools and religious places to engage with cultural leaders to educate their own communities on the danger of carrying knives, the best way to avoid conflict getting out of control or correct timing of the resolving disputes.

Educating Youths

We engage with young people so we can be able to think about issues from the young person point of view. Discuss with the parents of the youth about getting into recreation activities such as boxing and personal training. We will pay for the young people from the families on low income.

Operation Sceptre Week in Redbridge 24/06/24

We donated unveiled anti bleed cabinet to Loxford School/Youth Centre, Loxford Lane Ilford on the back drop memory of Late Redbridge son Khalid Yusuf Kamran.

We have started covering all Redbridge Schools,other proposed sites training will follow.

Schools have to demonstrates how they will deliver the anti bleed kit use training to their students to be included in Education curriculum as early in the primary school level.

Our Redbridge model is early intervention of having dialogue with young people about violence.

London Challenge Poverty Network 2023. Redbridge

We donated Anti Bleed kits  to Redbridge schools,to be followed with training on how to use them.

We also donated 100 football kits from premier League clubs to the youth in Tanzania.

How to use The Daniel Baird Foundation Public Access Bleed Control Kit (2020)

The Havering Daily – Click to read article

The main objectives of this project is for the good of the local people.We offer a free knife collection and disposal service in and around Redbridge. Most knife crime is committed with kitchen knives so our aim is to collect excess kitchen knives from the drawers of family homes. The more knives you have the harder it is to notice if one is missing. If have very few you will notice immediately if one is missing.


We will visit an area one day before leafleting to
inform the community we will be visiting with our amnesty bin. This allows the community time to collect and give us all unwanted sharps and knives.

The BIN KNIVES SAVE LIVES REDBRIDGE CIC admin work is ran and organised by young men who have been victims of carrying knives. Their goal is to educate young people and the community of the consequences of carrying knives. 

All knives collected will be melted and made into a statue for the remembrance of 2020 victims who died due to knife crimes in the borough.

11th October 2021 Bin Knives Redbridge Project

Our vision is to combat knife crime by engaging with the community in hopes that it will inspire a change for the better.  We believe we can significantly reduce the number of people injured and killed by knives by working together.

If the company receives any surplus donations, that will be  used to alllow this company to work fulltime with collection services of knives and amnesty bins in the borough, taking as many knives out of our streets as possible. we will set up workshops and offices for the young individuals who are deemed high risk. This could be determined by teachers, parents, carers or professional bodies who are concerned about a child becoming involved in violence.

Latest News and Projects

On 5/6/23 we launched our training programmes on use of bleed kits for the youth in Redbridge.

This project is sponsored by Jack Petchey Foundation, which we are collaborating on reaching out to the young people

London Challenge Poverty Network Redbridge 2022, held at Redbridge Town Hall.
The aim of the London challenge Poverty Network week is to bring together those that care about tackling poverty in the capital and to increase the visibility of the reality of poverty in London. We encourage positive debate and discussion about poverty, show what is being done to tackle this issue and call for the changes needed to end it.
On this day 22/10/222 in Redbridge we had a stall where we demonstrated and displayed how bleed kits works. We were also about to install two more in the borough. Bleed control kit means that there is life saving equipment available to the public to start giving life saving treatment before an ambulance crew may arrive.
How it works
The operator will give you a code to open the door.
Inside is a bleed bag, the operator will stay with on the phone and give you instructions on what to do and how to use it.
They will stay on the phone with you until the ambulance arrives.

Please click below to read the latest articles published by our partners at  Essex Senior Football League 

Implementation of the new Redbridge Public Emergency Bleeding Cabinets.

Witham Town Reserves vs Grays Athletics Reserves for the Len Cordell Memorial Trophy on 7th May 2022 at Oakfield Stadium

Project in Redbridge with local Businesses Alliance on 28th October on how we can work together to tackle knife crime.

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11th October 2021 Bin Knives Redbridge Project

Saturday 28/01/23.
We installed our first anti bleed cabinet out of Redbridge borough in Havering,as a part of long term goals and vision to install the bleeding cabinets on the high risk hotspots of East London areas.

The cabinet is located outside Romford Train Station,on the wall between Goose Romford Restaurant and ice cream parlour.
143 South Street

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